Founding 50.

For founders of successful businesses across the region who wish to:
  • Collaborate to form a collective voice that will shape local policy, investment, and educational output.
  • ‘Pay it Forward’ - directly enabling other early stage founders.
  • Engage in a safe, success-oriented peer network that enables growth and collaboration.
TechVelocity Norwich - Founding 50

How it Works

We will run a series of quarterly policy forums where founders can send a unified message to educators and local government on the kind of people and ecosystem they need. They become a strong voice for the tech and digitally enabled businesses in the region. We will provide an opportunity for a diverse and positive peer network to engage with each other on the issues that matter to them.

We will launch groundbreaking quarterly pitch events where winners (judged by Founding 50 members) will receive a Founding 50 bursary, and a place on the TechVelocity Accelerate Programme to help them validate their proposition and take it to the next level.

We will run a series of exclusive dinners and events (just for Founding 50 members) with a proven simple format – great food, engaging debate, and no ego’s.


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